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News & Guilds

  • Ninja Spotlight – Artisans' Workshop From Runescape [06/06/2015]
    This month, the Ninjas have focused on the Artisans' Workshop. They've taken a huge amount of feedback from the forums and social media, concentrating on the rewards and functions of the workshop, making a ton of changes based on your ideas and requests.
  • A few runescape exotic pet ideas [07/06/2013]
    I was mulling over some ideas in my head and thought of a few special pets which I'd like to see. Being an avid keeper of exotic animals, these suggestions will be based around reptiles, amphibians and inverts.
  • Vannaka is a medium-level Slayer master in RuneScape. [03/08/2013]
    Vannaka (formerly called the combat instructor on Tutorial Island) is a medium-level Slayer master in RuneScape.
  • Runescape: Hero's Welcome and Beach [06/27/2015]
    You can also head to the Lumbridge Crater Beach and catch some rays as the Beach Party kicks off. Mod Sayln gives us the tour. Head to our YouTube channel and subscribe there for more official RuneScape videos.
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