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  • Is it safe to buy Runescape 2007 Powerleveling [03/11/2014]
    When you play on runescape old school, if you want to reach a high level in a very short time, you will have to spend plenty of time, at the same time, you must be very good at doing quest and killing monsters.
  • What Monsters in "RuneScape" Drop Party Hats? [01/25/2014]
    If you've seen another player in "RuneScape" running around with a brightly colored paper crown, you may be wondering where to get such a festive item for yourself. What you have seen is the Party Hat, one of the rarest items in "RuneScape."
  • You don't get the thing of 07 scape do you [05/14/2013]
    would you vote for Nomad's Requiem quest,to add it to into 07 rs?also soul wars would have xp rates,similar to pest control xp rates.(maybey bit higher xp...).
  • Runescape protents of restoration [09/06/2013]
    Yesterday, I was trying out portents of restoration at frost dragons, and I found something interesting. If you accidentally attack the frost dragon when the blue orb is circling, and your health falls below 50% due to the reflected damage, your portent of restoration will NOT heal you.
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