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  • Buy Old School Runescape Gold on Runescapegold2007 [03/07/2014]
    The players amount of runescape 3 or much bigger than the player of old school server. Every day when you check the online players amount, you can see the RS3 online players is usually more than 50K, but rs 2007 online players is only about 20k.
  • Runescape: Treasure Hunter – Bonus Chests [08/06/2015]
    Bonus chests are on Treasure Hunter. From 00:00 UTC (game time) on 6th August until 23:59 UTC on 10th August, you can charge them up, see what's inside, then open them for twice the loot of a regular chest!
  • Runescape metal shards [07/29/2013]
    This misconception is spawned by the fact that rival factions' NPCs are often mistaken for other players, hence people think it is under attack by someone else.
  • Runescape: Death Rework And Old School [05/23/2015]
    Next week the Ninjas unleash their rework of RuneScape's Death System – thanks to you, and your help in the beta! Mod Hunter's here to take us through the new system.
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