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  • Make More Runescape Gold Bars in RS [03/16/2014]
    Runescape Gold bar is one items of Runescape, it is a highly sought after item in Runescape. They can be used to make gold rings, bracelets, necklaces and amulets in crafting. They can also be traded to other players, sold to general stores and sold to specialty shops. They can also be sold on the Grand Exchange for between 200 and 300 coins apiece.
  • RuneScape Competitive Tournament [07/01/2015]
    Only 5 days remain until tournament applications close! Don't miss out on an opportunity to become part of RuneScape history. Apply today! If you want to participate in the game RuneScape competition, you must have a strong outfit, you can buy RS Gold.
  • To locate a great mission to create much more Runescape Gold. [05/08/2014]
    It is very important to locate a great mission to create much more Runescape Gold. Therefore before beginning in order to perform the overall game, you'd much better discover a few info to create a great planning for that online game.
  • Runescape abilty multi taget attacks were unchanged [07/15/2013]
    Brilliant, the only thing making slayer fun and the only way to bypass the need for 100% use of abilities when slaying is now nerfed, thanks a lot.... I was starting to enjoy eoc but now it's back to the depressing drawing board
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