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1. We never store any personal information of your each transcation.
2. All our gold is obtained manually by our own players without using any bots, so it is very safe. You can use the gold to buy many ingame stuffs for your character.
3. After your order is verified, we will find you in game and deliver the gold to you face to face.
4. Do not disclose your account information to anyone through Email or any other messengers.
5. We do not ask for anything after the delivery is done. Make sure not to give the gold back to anyone after the delivery, there are many imposters in game now, we will not be responsible if anything happens like this.

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    Most of World of RS players has been looking for a good way to get as more runescape gold as they can so that they could use the gold to buy the armors and weapons in the game. But it is not easy to obtain the rs gold in the game if you do not have enough time to play in game.
  • Seasonal Hiscore Reruns With Runescape [06/29/2015]
    There'll be one-off reruns of old Seasonal Hiscores, held weekly from 1st July. Here's when you can compete to unlock some of RuneScape's most sought-after titles:
  • D&D Improvements And Death Rework From Runescape [05/26/2015]
    Distraction, diversion, death – a classic Ninja Team combo in today's RuneScape update! First up, there are a ton of improvements to Distractions and Diversions, aimed at making them more accessible and more rewarding.
  • Runescape Players Help Save Wild Cats [07/30/2015]
    Through a partnership with the World Wildlife Fund, RuneScape players can currently participate in in-game events that help to support big cats in the wild.
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