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1. We never store any personal information of your each transcation.
2. All our gold is obtained manually by our own players without using any bots, so it is very safe. You can use the gold to buy many ingame stuffs for your character.
3. After your order is verified, we will find you in game and deliver the gold to you face to face.
4. Do not disclose your account information to anyone through Email or any other messengers.
5. We do not ask for anything after the delivery is done. Make sure not to give the gold back to anyone after the delivery, there are many imposters in game now, we will not be responsible if anything happens like this.

Buy News & Guilds:

  • Why it is important to Play RS with Runescape Membership [12/23/2013]
    Runescape players are divided into two types. One is totally free players and the other one is members. There will be a very big difference if play as a free player and a member. In a word, if you become a member, you will have more fun and enjoy more privileges when you play RS.
  • Runescape: Tuska-pocalypse | Streams and Q&As [06/03/2015]
    Tuska is wreaking havoc in Gielinor's atmosphere, and only you can save the world from her wrath. But are you up to the challenge? Would you survive an apocalypse of Tuska-sized proportions? Find out in our new quiz!
  • Why fewer and fewer players Buy Runescape Gold [03/18/2014]
    We heard from many runescape gold sellers that they can sell less and less rs gold recently. And the rs gold orders were reduced a lot. Why this situation happened? After we think carefully, we feel there are below reasons.
  • Runescape Share Treasure Hunter – Protean Logs [04/25/2015]
    Load up on new protean logs this weekend! These stackable supplies can be used to train Firemaking or Fletching, or turned into protean planks for Construction training – perfect when working on your aquarium.
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