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1. We never store any personal information of your each transcation.
2. All our gold is obtained manually by our own players without using any bots, so it is very safe. You can use the gold to buy many ingame stuffs for your character. 
3. After your order is verified, we will find you in game and deliver the gold to you face to face.
4. Do not disclose your account information to anyone through Email or any other messengers.
5. We do not ask for anything after the delivery is done. Make sure not to give the gold back to anyone after the delivery, there are many imposters in game now,we will not be responsible if anything happens like this.

Buy News & Guilds:

  • Treasure Hunter - Smouldering Lamps From Runescape [05/29/2015]
    Things are really heating up as smouldering lamps make a return to Treasure Hunter. From 00:00 UTC (game time) on the 28th of May until 23:59 UTC on the 2nd of June, you'll have the chance to pick up these XP-boosting marvels.
  • Jagex made the server to be like it was in 07 [04/22/2013]
    People wanted 07 scape bc like other ppl sayd this was one off the most balanced times in rs in terms off weapons armour this made the game fun to play.
  • ATTENTION ! buying cheap rs coins don't be scammed [12/12/2013]
    As we are all aware the old school server is back for almost one year. we are enjoy again all the fun memories and content we've enjoyed as we have processed through the years . However there are also certain things not as enjoyable .such as scams and lures that exsited during that time that we must become aware of .
  • Some players are worried about their accounts being banned [11/11/2013]
    Sometimes ,some accounts of some players are banned for some reason .So some are anxious about this problem. I will transfer a few positive energy to you in the next time.
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