You Can Get free Items On Runescape Then Sell It

runescapegold2007 Date: Apr/15/14 10:53:34 Views: 1445

As is known to us all money is too important in Real world,because so that we can better to live.But,the runescape gold is also important in Runescape. You use it to buy items that you can use through out the game. But earning money will be a challenge and you have to be smart to earn money fast. In order to do so, you can get free items on Runescape then sell it.There are some methods for you:

First Beg:You get free items on Runescape when you beg. Though, it is not the easiest thing to do but it often times it works. In order to beg for free items do the following:
1.Wear noob clothes and appear like you are a beginner.
2.Act like you just lost everything.
3.The best place to beg is in Lumbridge. It is where new players stay and dead players start again.
4.Do not keep on asking money every time.
5.When you are given something always say thanks.
Second Kill: When you kill a monster, player or anything, you will get free items on Runescape. Usually the enemies you kill will drop items that you can pick up. It is easier to kill characters that are controlled by the computer like farmers, cows and many more. Usually, the items they dropped can be useful for beginners. The items that can be dropped are swords, shields, goblin armor and the like.
Last Steal: You can specialize on stealing skill. This skill is only available for members only. When you are able to master it, for sure you will get a lot of free items that you can sell.
Once you have collected enough items then you can sell them. It is easier to sell to new players and in crowded places.Hope can give you some help in zhe Runescape.

Thanks for your read.