PoE: Golden Rules For You To Avoid Being Scammed

runescapegold2007 Date: Apr/18/18 02:58:53 Views: 2774
In Path of Exile, there are different types of scams in Path of Exile. The most common are trade window scams, perandus coin scams, crafting scams and buy/sell run/boss/challenge scams. If collectors of poe exalted orb know these types of scams, they will also be better able to avoid being scammed.
1. Trade window scams:
This scam is very simple to avoid yet very easy to fall for. Most trade window scams are regarding expensive item trades where the scammer knows that people often hover the item very quickly. So to scam you, the scammer places an item that looks very much like the item you want to buy, but it's not the same item. So to prevent it we need to slow down. When you do an expensive item trade, check it three times every single time.
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2. Perandus coin scam:
This scam is much more elaborate than the trade window scam and is much harder to prevent, but there are still ways to make this scam completely ineffective:
The first way is to open your hideout menu while in your hideout before purchasing the coins, then you can select an option to disallow party members from visiting your hideout.
The second way to prevent this is to add the coin seller to your friends list instead of party. Then you visit their hideout and trade them through your friends list and never invite them to a party.
The third way is to block your map device with decorations in your hideout to make it so nobody can enter the portals.
3. Crafting scams:
Sometimes we want to craft stats on items but our own masters levels are too low to craft hem. So we need help from someone else. This means that you need to entrust your item to what is a complete stranger and let them craft on it. The scammer claims that they will craft on your item but instead they just take the item from you and don't give it back. You can find trusted sellers with many people vouching for the seller.
4. Boss/challenge/run scam:
This is a scam where the scammers claims to sell a boss run, a challenge or a run of a certain map or achievement for a price. After you pay them they leave or go afk. You never get what you paid for. There is no real solution to this trust scenario, other than trying to sell cheap runs at first and build a base of people who trust you to vouch for you. If someone doesn't pay during your cheap runs then you only lose 2–5 chaos as opposed to if you did expensive runs.
5. Changed price whisper scam:

This is a common scam as well. The scammer will find any of your listed items on PoE.trade and copy the message PoE.trade gives them when they want to buy it. When they send this message they change your price within it. They then hope you will not notice what you actually set the price of the item as and just trade them for the price they made up. To prevent this scam, when you take your poe buy items out of stash to trade. Always check the price on them by hovering your mouse over them. On the bottom of the item it will say how much you have listed it for, the real price.
Hopefully the above guide will be helpful to you. In short, pay more attention and be more careful.