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  • RunesScape: The Road Trip – 1st May 2015 [04/30/2015]
    RuneScape Road Trip 2015 kicks off on the 1st of May – a month of task chasing and community events for RuneScape members where you'll uncover some cool rewards.
  • Runescape: EoC/Legacy Mash Up [04/28/2015]
    Today, there's more choice than ever in how you play RuneScape, with the EoC/Legacy Mash Up – a set of interface and gameplay options fresh out of the beta.
  • Runescape Share Treasure Hunter – Protean Logs [04/25/2015]
    Load up on new protean logs this weekend! These stackable supplies can be used to train Firemaking or Fletching, or turned into protean planks for Construction training – perfect when working on your aquarium.
  • Runescape: BTS Video – EoC/Legacy Mash Up [04/25/2015]
    Today's BTS video covers the EoC/Legacy Mash Up – the option to play with your chosen combination of interfaces and combat mechanics from the EoC and Legacy modes. Mod Asherz is here to tell you more.
  • Bandos godsword special attack tweak from Runescape [04/24/2015]
    The Bandos godsword special attack inflicts 21% more damage and drains the opponent's combat stats based on the damage dealt. To give it a small buff, we have reduced the cost of the special attack from 100% to 65%.
  • Runescape: Crystal Halberd Special & More [04/24/2015]
    This week in Old School we've got a nice batch of quality of life updates including a special attack for the crystal halberd, a left-click 'Smith' option on anvils and a small buff to the Bandos godsword special attack.
  • Runescape: Google Chrome has dropped Java support [04/23/2015]
    The latest Google Chrome release drops support for the Java plug-in required to play Old School RuneScape. As such, it is no longer possible to play Old School RuneScape in the Chrome browser.
  • Runescape: Clan Wars Game Modes & More [04/23/2015]
    This week in Old School we are bringing you two new Clan Wars game modes, team oddskull and timed deathmatch, as well as a bunch of quality of life updates and even changes to the F2P trade restriction. Let's get into the details of this week's update.
  • Runescape: Player-Owned House Update [04/22/2015]
    Pack it to the gills with fish from all over Gielinor and kit out its two floors with a huge variety of accessories, décor and nautical knick-knacks.
  • Runescape Share Win a Limited Edition Shadow Drake Pet [04/22/2015]
    This week, we've got a brand new community competition for you, where you can win a shadow drake - a limited edition legendary pet! can make you game easy, and also offer cheap runescape gold.
  • Runescape: BTS Video – Easter Eggs-periments [04/22/2015]
    We meet up with Mod Tim and Mod Ollo to see what's going on in Easter Eggs-periments – the traditional Easter miniquest, coming next week!
  • Runescape: BTS Video - Dimension of Disaster [04/20/2015]
    RuneScape's 200th quest is almost upon us! Mod Osborne and his team are here to take you on a tour of the Dimension of Disaster. Subscribe to our YouTube channel – it's the best way to keep up with official RuneScape videos.
  • Runescape: BTS Video – Aquarium [04/19/2015]
    Mods Osborne, Joe, Alex and Damo embrace their inner fish in today's BTS Video – all about the aquarium, which is coming your way on Monday! Subscribe on YouTube to stay up to date with all official RuneScape videos.
  • Runescape Share Behind the Scenes - April 2015 [04/17/2015]
    Our big update this month is rather fishy… a little too fishy perhaps, but what else would you expect to find in your very own, customisable aquarium? One so big you can even dive into it yourself!
  • Runescape: BTS Video – Easter Eggs-periments [04/17/2015]
    We meet up with Mod Tim and Mod Ollo to see what's going on in Easter Eggs-periments – the traditional Easter miniquest, coming next week!
  • Runescape: Community Corner – April Edition [04/16/2015]
    Welcome to another edition of the Community Corner! It’s been an incredibly busy month with a re-skinned forum, a festival of quest-related-goodness, and tons more for you to sink your teeth into.
  • Treasure Hunter – Pulse Cores From Runescape [04/16/2015]
    Earn pulse cores on Treasure Hunter this weekend and help your friends with stackable XP buffs. Buy runescape gold can make game easy. Available from 00:00 UTC on 10th April to 23:59 UTC on 13th April, it’s a great way for you and your friends to benefit from skilling together.
  • Runescape: Vic the Trader, Bank Tabs, Citadel Chat, JMod Toolbox [04/15/2015]
    Due to popular demand, Vic the Trader's return has been brought forward to today. He's back in game now, offering some of the most sought-after Treasure Hunter items in exchange for Bonus XP.
  • Runescape: BTS - RuneLabs Video and the Podcast [04/15/2015]
    It’s been a busy month in the labs and Mod Luna’s here again to give you the low down on the end of our first large update poll, the preceding winners, and next month’s update criteria!
  • Xmas and New Year Promotion has Begun [12/18/2014]
    How time flies! Another year has passed! How did you do in 2014? We hope everything was good with you! As we did in the past a few years, we have launched a promotion for Xmas and New Year, you can get free RS Gold and enjoy big discount when buying RS accounts.
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