Is it excited that steal something in the game of runescape

Have you ever steal something from other people? What a shame! But sometimes it is just a kind of game .In the game of runescape ,you can steal something ,you need to know some skills.

Be sure to read the thieving guild literature as it gives thieving experience.Buyers and cellars quest provides an introduction and training facilities for new RuneScape members who are starting out training the thieving skill.

Start Buyers and Cellars in Lumbridge; head to the north side of the house north of the furnace. Enter the cellar hatch outside the north wall; this can be hard to spot if facing north.Talk to Darren Lightfinger; he needs runescape gold and wants the player to steal a chalice. Talk to chief thief Robin about getting the key needed.

Robin sends the RuneScape player there to pickpocket from Uhrney. Talk to Uhrney about the chalice before returning to Robin, forgetting will result in having to go all the way back!

Lighting a fire outside the window will distract Uhrney. Light a fire next to one of the windows of Uhrney’s house. Then talk to Uhrney about the chalice, and then select to exclaim there’s fire. Quickly pickpocket for the key. If this fails, light another fire and try again.


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