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  • You can use Runescape Bonds to Exchange RS Membership now [09/30/2013]
    In the previous many years, you would have to pay runescape membership by real money. But now there is a new runescape currency which you can use to exchange rs membership and other rs stuffs.
  • Runescape: New rewards—including new armour and combat abilities [07/17/2015]
    Old man Runescape just refuses to confine itself to a comfy rocking chair—pipe on feet, and gently puffing at a pair of slippers. No, instead the 14-year-old MMO has just introduced raids. Well, a raid.
  • Runescape: Death Rework [05/27/2015]
    With your help in the beta, we've reworked RuneScape's Death system. There's now more freedom in how you reclaim your items and more leeway when things go wrong, while retaining the risk in your most dangerous adventures.
  • Runescape: RuneFest 2015 – Save the Date [06/17/2015]
    RuneFest 2015 is coming on 3rd October. Jot it down and clear your calendars – you won't want to miss the year's biggest and best RuneScape event! We'll be returning to the Tobacco Dock venue in London, UK for an Invention-themed steampunk spectacular.
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