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  • Runescape Share Improved Looting [05/12/2015]
    With a single click, bring up the new, customisable loot window and grab everything in the surrounding area that meets your criteria. This has the potential to significantly change how you play.
  • Prepare More RS Gold to fully Enjoy Runescape [04/15/2014]
    If you want to have fun in Runescape, you must have a lot of goof weapons and armours for your character, but all those stuffs usually drop when you kill a monster.But If you are not a good player, you will have to buy with runescape gold
  • Minigame Spotlight From Runescape [05/19/2015]
    Then, spend them on selected rewards from any of the games included in the system, as well as limited runs of selected Treasure Hunter items. Every three days, a minigame will be spotlighted, yielding thalers five times faster than it would normally.
  • Solutions which can be used to resist Gold-Farming [11/09/2013]
    Some players farm gold in runescape or many other games so that they can make some money .In order to resist this cheating behavior, make some solutions .
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