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  • 'Runescape' - Learn which game of MMORPG is the more 'top' [07/06/2015]
    Runescape and Drakensang are two games from MMORPG with similar proposals. Both are free to play and are fully in Portuguese. While a bet in history, the other focuses on graphics and gameplay. Want to know which Online RPG game is the best?
  • Runescape: Fast Lodestone Teleports [07/04/2015]
    Another great suggestion coming to the game from RuneLabs this month is the idea of using vis wax to charge quick teleports, allowing you to use lodestones in super quick time.
  • Runescape Behind the Scenes - July 2015 [07/04/2015]
    As for Tuska herself, you'll still be able to play the island-hopping event content to earn rewards, so make sure you pop back if you fancy some more action.
  • Runescape: Treasure Hunter – Dragon Chests [07/03/2015]
    Open Treasure Hunter chests this weekend for a taste of a draconic hoard – up to four times the loot! Buy Runescape Gold make you easy get the Dragon Chests.
  • Forum Month with Runescape [07/03/2015]
    On the 2nd July, JMods will be on the many different forums, answering your questions and suggestions, and taking part in discussions. Keep an eye out for us between 07:00-18:00 UTC (game time) and come chat.
  • RuneScape Competitive Tournament [07/01/2015]
    Only 5 days remain until tournament applications close! Don't miss out on an opportunity to become part of RuneScape history. Apply today! If you want to participate in the game RuneScape competition, you must have a strong outfit, you can buy RS Gold.
  • Seasonal Hiscore Reruns With Runescape [06/30/2015]
    There'll be one-off reruns of old Seasonal Hiscores, held weekly from 1st July. Here's when you can compete to unlock some of RuneScape's most sought-after titles:
  • Runescape: Hero's Welcome And Summer Beach Party [06/30/2015]
    A legendary Fremennik hero-turned-god comes home in style in Hero's Welcome: RuneScape's latest quest! Head over to Lumbridge Crater, too, and join in the Summer Beach Party. Buy rs gold will help you better meet the summer beach party.
  • Runescape The Tournament Arena [06/29/2015]
    We are really excited about the first ever Runescape Competitive Tournament and we want to give every player the chance to see what it is all about. In mid-July we will be opening the tournament servers to every player!
  • Runescape: Hero's Welcome and Beach [06/27/2015]
    You can also head to the Lumbridge Crater Beach and catch some rays as the Beach Party kicks off. Mod Sayln gives us the tour. Head to our YouTube channel and subscribe there for more official RuneScape videos.
  • Sandcastle loot beam with Runescape [06/26/2015]
    If you don't get a token upon opening a mystery box, you'll still get a consolation prize: a stack of water balloons, a royal battleship kit, a huge prismatic star or lamp, or a medium cash bag.
  • Runescape: Treasure Hunter - Summer Raffle [06/26/2015]
    Bring the beach to Lumbridge Crater and pick up some unique prizes this weekend – including a baby tortoise pet, an animated sand cape and a tradeable crab transmogrification hat! Want more awards, but did not have enough time, you can choose to buy Runescape Gold.
  • Runescape: Artisans' Workshop Update [06/23/2015]
    The Ninjas have infiltrated the Artisans' Workshop, making a big batch of updates to the venerable Smithing activity. They've made it a whole lot more user-friendly, and introduced some cool new rewards – including auto-reloading for your dwarf cannon!
  • Live Streams this Week with Runescape [06/23/2015]
    Each week we stream developer Q&As, in-game events and more. Watch our streams and find a full streaming schedule over on our Twitch channel.
  • Treasure Hunter – Advanced Pulse Cores With Runescape [06/22/2015]
    Get extra fast Runescape Gold XP and stacking XP buffs on Treasure Hunter this weekend with advanced pulse cores – bigger and better than before, with more direct benefit to you!
  • Runescape: 15th Anniversary Film – Help Needed [06/22/2015]
    We're putting together a documentary film to mark the occasion, covering RuneScape's history from its humble origins to the MMO we know and love today. Featuring famous players and JMods past and present, this is going to be something really quite special.
  • Runescape: Community Corner – June [06/18/2015]
    We're back with our pick of the community news for June! Read on to find out about videos, streams, events, and some awesome clan and fan site news! Plus, keep reading for your chance to win some signed concept art!
  • Runescape: RuneFest 2015 – Save the Date [06/17/2015]
    RuneFest 2015 is coming on 3rd October. Jot it down and clear your calendars – you won't want to miss the year's biggest and best RuneScape event! We'll be returning to the Tobacco Dock venue in London, UK for an Invention-themed steampunk spectacular.
  • Runescape: Solomon's Store – Bank Boosters [06/16/2015]
    Solomon's offering two more free bank boosters for RuneScape! If you do not have enough golds to buy more goods, you can buy more Runescape Gold.
  • Runescape: Adamant and Rune Dragons [06/16/2015]
    Adamant and rune dragons are here! Courtesy of Dragonforcae and voted for by you, they're fresh from RuneLabs and ready for battle. Delve beneath Brimhaven and jaunt through the World Gate to Kethsi to face these new monsters in high-level combat.
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