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  • BTS Video – Elite Monster Spawns With Runescape [07/28/2015]
    Mod Liam and his team take us through next week's RuneScape update: Elite Monster Spawns. Go toe-to-toe with extra tough beasts for extra Slayer XP and loads of lovely loot.
  • Runescape Share Elite Monster Spawns [07/28/2015]
    Elites have a chance to spawn on the death of others of their kind, with one guaranteed spawn and greatly increased chance per kill when you take on a matching Slayer assignment. The following monsters can now spawn elites
  • Runescape: Treasure Hunter – Prismania [07/23/2015]
    Prismania's back, bringing you XP aplenty all this weekend. All lamps and stars won are prismatic – usable on any skill – and give 50% more XP when redeemed!
  • Runescape: Adopt a Big Cat to Support WWF's Conservation Work [07/21/2015]
    Answer quiz questions in a special Big Cats edition of The Drop and donate Bonds to adopt four big cat companions and unlock exclusive titles - raising awareness of the plight of these endangered animals, in partnership with WWF.
  • ‘Destiny': Xur’s Exotic Goods For Weekend [07/18/2015]
    Mod Luna's back to talk about July's finest RuneLabs offerings, and to get some of our JMods' ideas for questions to answer in a medium-sized quest.
  • Runescape: New rewards—including new armour and combat abilities [07/17/2015]
    Old man Runescape just refuses to confine itself to a comfy rocking chair—pipe on feet, and gently puffing at a pair of slippers. No, instead the 14-year-old MMO has just introduced raids. Well, a raid.
  • Runescape: Treasure Hunter – New Portable Skill Stations [07/16/2015]
    From 00:00 UTC on 16th July, until 23:59 UTC on 22nd July, win portable packs on Treasure Hunter, which grant you your choice of skill station – including new Fletching, Firemaking and Crafting stations.
  • Runescape: Come to RuneFest Free with Bonds [07/15/2015]
    Use your in-game wealth to come to RuneFest - the RuneScape event of the year - for free! RuneScape Bonds can now be redeemed to buy RuneFest tickets, hotel accommodation, Zemomarks (spending currency) – even flights to the UK.
  • Raids - The Liberation of Mazcab with Runescape [07/15/2015]
    Today, the gateway to a strange new world opens. Explore Mazcab's shifting forests and exotic ruins as a solo player...or take on the ultimate combat challenge of ten-player Raids!
  • Runescape: Design a Raid Boss And T-Shirt Competition [07/13/2015]
    There's been a lot of hype around our first boss, but now we want you to get creative, and design for us what you believe is the ideal Raid boss to terrify our team of brave (but foolish) J-Mod judges.
  • Runescape: BTS Video - Raids [07/11/2015]
    This week, Behind the Scenes uncovers more details on Raids ahead of Monday's release.Watch this week's BTS video to find out more about Mazcab, a strange new planet, and the goebies - its oppressed inhabitants.
  • Runescape Share Treasure Hunter - Genie Returns! [07/10/2015]
    Any fallen stars or lamps used from Treasure Hunter chests between 00:00 UTC on the 9th of July and 23:59 UTC on the 13th of July will give you a chance of Karima the Genie appearing and granting you with a blessed wish.
  • Raids are coming in Runescape's July update [07/08/2015]
    Elderly (in MMO terms) MMO Runescape has been going since 2001, in a variety of forms. It's finally evolved to point at which raids are to be added—raids being a firm staple of most modern MMO and MMO-like things, Runescape2007Gold offer cheap Runescape Gold.
  • Runescape: Quick Lodestone Teleports and RuneLabs [07/07/2015]
    An awesome RuneLabs idea from F D C comes to fruition today, as we bring you quick lodestone teleports. Using charges, your lodestone teleports can be made as quick as a location-specific Magic-skill teleport.
  • Tuska Falls | Quick Lodestone Teleports with Runescape [07/07/2015]
    Courtesy of RuneLabs and F D C's original idea, you can now use your vis wax to charge up quick lodestone teleports. Last – but not least – the Ninjas have given you two new Grand Exchange slots – one for everyone, and one for members.
  • 'Runescape' - Learn which game of MMORPG is the more 'top' [07/06/2015]
    Runescape and Drakensang are two games from MMORPG with similar proposals. Both are free to play and are fully in Portuguese. While a bet in history, the other focuses on graphics and gameplay. Want to know which Online RPG game is the best?
  • Runescape: Fast Lodestone Teleports [07/04/2015]
    Another great suggestion coming to the game from RuneLabs this month is the idea of using vis wax to charge quick teleports, allowing you to use lodestones in super quick time.
  • Runescape Behind the Scenes - July 2015 [07/04/2015]
    As for Tuska herself, you'll still be able to play the island-hopping event content to earn rewards, so make sure you pop back if you fancy some more action.
  • Runescape: Treasure Hunter – Dragon Chests [07/03/2015]
    Open Treasure Hunter chests this weekend for a taste of a draconic hoard – up to four times the loot! Buy Runescape Gold make you easy get the Dragon Chests.
  • Forum Month with Runescape [07/03/2015]
    On the 2nd July, JMods will be on the many different forums, answering your questions and suggestions, and taking part in discussions. Keep an eye out for us between 07:00-18:00 UTC (game time) and come chat.
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