Be a rich man and enjoy the process in runescape

Do you dream of becoming a rich man in the game of runescape? Many players have earn many runescape gold in the past days.Why not have a try and it is not difficult.

This guide does not require any stats so therefore can be carried out by anyone who is a member and is suitable for skiller's or pures. One of the best ways to make money in Runescape people who do not have high stats is by tanning Green Dragon Hides. I will explain the simple process in making money from Greenhide Tanning.

Go to the G.E and buy as many green dragonhide's as you can but also remember to keep at least 50k in your pouch . Now you will need to go to Al Kahrid Bank and withdraw 28 un-noted Dragonhides you should also make sure that you have at least about 50k in your pouch .
From the Al Kharid bank you need to walk north to the tanning shop and once there you will need to trade with Ellis. When in trade with Ellis you can now tan all of your green dragonhides into green dragon leather. Head bank to the bank and repeat this process again and again.

To be honest it does not really matter what you wear when doing these trips but I recommend wearing the lightest clothes will help you run faster and longer . If you have boots of lightness or a spotted cape, wearing any of them will help you run quicker. Have a good time!


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