Runescape true meaning of red armadylean

Since the start of the Red Armadylean movement, new lore has come to light, the Battle has progressed and our vision really became clear to us.I address this mostly to my Armadylean brothers who are concerned by our choice to support Zamorak and I wish to give you understanding of what we actually are trying to achieve.It's also aimed to hopefully clear up any confusion and misplaced animosity with some of the noble followers of Saradomin.

Also any one of any faction is welcome to read and share there thoughts, Zarosians, Bandosians, Goddless, Guthixian, Serenites and follwers of Sliske are ALL welcome here and will not be judged or ridiculed.I ask only, that you do not intentionally hurt or harm or cause distress to players of other faiths...I shall begin with this statement- RED ARMADYLEANS DO NOT JUST STAND FOR ZAMORAK.We are also supporting Saradomin in this battle.In both factions exist good people who just want to believe in different things, these good people are wrongly being persecuted and attacked.

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Armadyls Creed

Justice. Law. Truth. EQUALITY. fairness and peaceful co-existence for all Gods and Man alike.We do not arbitrarily decide which Gods and which followers make the cut into Amadyls vision, EVERYONE gets the fair chance to prove themselves- this is Just!Saradomin had his day in Death of Chivalry, I listened with an opened mind and believed in him enough to freely give him the resurrection wand... We Red Armadyleans will take all things into account and are here to help anyone who will have us.

Zamorak deserves the same chance to have his say, his genuinly good followers deserve a chance to have there say and deserve the support of Armadyl also- this I equality, any Armadylean disagreeing with this needs to meditate on Armadyls ideology for a while.Red Armadyleans have realised that the past is the past, Armadyl is confirmed to bear no grudge and so neither will we, forget betrayal, dead Aviansie, destroyed Forinthry and the Nargai..We are now hear to make sure that followers of Zamorak and Saradomin can all feel safe under the wings of Armadyl.You all have every right to believe in Zamorak or Saradomin- just as I have the right to protect both!

To Armadyleans

Please feel free to make any choices you like, do as you will in the name of justice and fairness- but I do ask that you are being fair and just!If you support Saradomin, because you genuinely feel his side or his followers are at a disadvantage or are being unfairly persecuted- then by all means help them in just cause- I respect this and would happily help!

But also, don't feel that, if you didn't want to help Saradomin that you are not "true Armadyleans" as some would say.. nothing could be further from the truth- just because Armadyl and Saradomins ideology is similar- it does not mean you have to automatically defect to his forces because you want to appear to be fighting for the "good guys" we do what is fair and just.

Mod Osborne has confirmed that sadly Armadyl and Saradomin are at odds at the moment and it remains to be seen if this relationship is to be repaired, given Armadyls creed I see no reason that it would not be, Do as you will with my support and respect, but keep an open mind, think of eqaulity and justice and ensure you give that to all who deserve it.

My thoughts on Zamorak, his creed and his followers.

I genuinely believe that Zamorak is not "pure evil" and while I admit his way is chaotic and that obviously does not appeal to or suit everyone, I believe he genuinely believes it's for the best for all life forms and so his actions are, in his mind- for the good of us.It seems he wants to reward followers who are loyal and his Runescape 2007 Gold guidance has helped people such as Moia realise there full potential and gain more meaning in their life..I deeply respect the ideology that "You can better one self through adversity and challenge yourself onto better things" Not as radically as Zamorak, but I do believe it has value.

I do not and will never support violent criminals such as the Kinshra and any Zamorakian who believes blood, murder and death are the way to go.... sadly violent fanatics do exists and these people have twisted the Zamorakian faith for there dark purposes and have given Zamorak and true followers of his creed- a very damaged reputation. I do not believe Zamorak condoes the actions of the Kinshra.

~Saradomin himself said that Zamorak does not believe in needless death~

However there are some very good Zamorakians out there who deserve the protection and support of Armadyl also, On these forums I have met many friendly and welcoming Zamorakians, Ancient M8ge is one who has always treated me with the utmost respect and friendliness But also many others.

In game, the Demon Butler and Mr Mordaut (A lesser Demon and Dragon respectively)
Are very good beings who have jobs, passion and happy to fit into Saradominists societies..Firstly, I will apologise again for any insults and any besmirching of Saradomins name that I have partaken in. I realise now that this was in direct opposition of Armadyls creed.

Once upon a time I followed Saradomin fiercely! I think even in the beginning of my Armadylean leanings I still deeply respected Saradomin, however, Zilyana's fanatical behaviour in TWW and the following revelation regarding the Nargai destroyed my faith in Saradomin- it flew in the face of everything I thought he was!Over the months and even during the start of the battle I shunned Saradomin, however "The Death of Chivalry" re-awakened my senses and I understood that Saradomin, despite flaws- does have Immense goodness in him and I chose to give him the wand of resurrection as I believed in him, when it came down to it.

I want to extend the wing of Armadyl to Saradominists who are good and friendly and open minded and need and want our help, Justice and fairness dictate that I am there for Saradomin and his followers also and that is what I am and that is what a Red Armadylean is.His followers in the world of Runescape are numerous and many and most of them are good and noble and just! Obviously there are some fanatics (like in all religions) who take it to far and there actions are unjust or even "evil" such as Sigmund (former advisor to duke of Lumbridge) or Zilayna and even Sir Owen to a degree..

It's no secret that I have argued with many Saradominists on these forums, I do not wish to, but the feeling I get is that you believe I can not be Armadylean if I do not 100% only support Saradomin- this is unfair and unjust and not true! They would rather accuse me of being a secret Zamorakian than admit, that I hav the right to fight for Justice in both camps!


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